This is the application form for the call for posters on Smart Villages related initiatives

We accept contributions in all fields related to Smart Villages or the use of technology in remote areas, with an interest in:

  • Digital skills, digital education, computer literacy, and digital support for senior citizens;
  • Smart social aspects for a better life quality, work-life balance, better education and training;
  • Smart mobility, car sharing, carpooling, demand responsive transport, e-mobility (e-bikes and e-cars), multimodal transport, tourism and sustainable mobility;
  • Digital connectivity and Services of General Interest, broadband infrastructures, provision of digital services and accessibility to SGI in remote areas;
  • Smart grids and renewable energy, energy system in the future, independency from fossil fuels, prosumers, grid stability, charging infrastructure for e-mobility (integrated energy systems).

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The abstract must have between 200 and 600 words lenght. It must contain a brief description of your project, its implementation and its aim or outcome. If you submit a research, the abstract must include the purpose of your research, the methodology and the expected or final results.

How the initiative can add value to the Smart Villages approach?

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